Version 1

Datakick offers a free REST API to access data.

In order to keep the data as open as possible, there is no rate limit and authentication is optional.

For security, you must use HTTPS for all requests.

Use the code 000000000000 to test the API.


Officially supported

Community maintained

Building a library is a great way to contribute. Let us know if you have one to share.


Find an item

Lookup an item by UPC or EAN

GET https://www.datakick.org/api/items/000000000000

Add or update an item

PUT https://www.datakick.org/api/items/000000000000

Optional parameters

List items

GET https://www.datakick.org/api/items

Up to 100 items are returned by default.

Pagination info is returned in the Link header.

To search items, use the query parameter.

GET https://www.datakick.org/api/items?query=peanut+butter

Add an image

POST https://www.datakick.org/api/items/000000000000/images

Content-Type should be multipart/form-data.


Users must take the images and agree to release them under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.